Create your Own Video Course with WordPress and Lunchbox

There’s no denying that the popularity of online courses has skyrocketed over the past few years.

It makes sense; with the rising costs of higher education and the near ubiquity of the internet, learners are turning to their laptops in the comfort of their homes to build their skills for a fraction of the cost.

There’s also no shortage of tools to help a teacher create and manage their courses online.

Give these tools a try, however, and you’ll find some glaring issues that stand in the way of you and a successful course.

  • Many tools do not provide you with the information on the students that are enrolled in your courses.
  • Most of these tools are outrageously expensive for someone who is just getting started selling courses online.
  • Surprisingly, far too many tools neglect the idea that online courses should prioritize video as the best medium to learn.

Meet Lunchbox

Lunchbox is a new WordPress plugin that sets out to change all of that by helping you run online video courses.

With Lunchbox, you can track your subscribers, integrate your ecommerce and marketing tools, and provide lessons using videos from Vimeo, YouTube and more.


Ready to check it out? View the demo on the following course page and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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