Build a Laracasts clone with WordPress

It seems like everyone these days is looking to create their own Netflix for teaching and sharing what they know through video courses and lessons.

A great example of a site that is doing this effectively is Laracasts, run by Jeffrey Way. Laracasts claims to have the best PHP and Laravel screencasts on the web, and they may just be right about that. It’s an excellent platform for diving into the development world while watching an extremely talented developer show you the ropes of specific development techniques.

What may be even more impressive than the content itself is the platform that it runs on. Laracasts is a custom-developed site that was created to bring Jeffrey’s idea to life. It offers Jeffrey the ability to have students sign up for his courses while accepting payments and delivering his video content to his members. The students can comment on the video lessons that Jeffrey creates and communicate amongst one another.

It’s no trivial task to get a site like Laracasts up and running. Well, at least it used to be difficult.

You can now create a Laracasts clone on your own WordPress site using the Lunchbox video course plugin very quickly. If you haven’t heard, Lunchbox is a new online course plugin for WordPress that will allow you to create video lessons that you can share with your members. Once the plugin is installed, you will gain the ability to build out unlimited video courses with different chapters to share with your students.

Protecting Video Courses with WordPress

Your courses can be free and public, protected, or paid courses. You can also set up a subscription site using other WordPress plugins like Easy Digital Downloads or Woocommerce.

The other great part about the Lunchbox LMS plugin for WordPress is that it works with any theme on the WordPress market. The video courses are presented in their own fullscreen video player, so while students are engaging with your content, the rest of your site hides in the background and Lunchbox takes over. When the student is done watching your lessons, they can return back to your site to access your remaining content.

When should you use Lunchbox?

Lunchbox is a relatively new online course WordPress plugin (it was released in 2017), but it is under active development and constantly improving to be the best course plugin for WordPress. Lunchbox really makes sense when you are using video to deliver your content to your students.

There’s also a pretty nifty online demo of the video player available if you’re interested in checking it out before making any purchase decisions.

Wrapping Up and Next Steps

Jeffrey spent a lot of time on developing the features of Laracasts to be the best site for learning development practices, and it really shows when you enroll in one of his courses. If you’d like to make a site like Laracasts for yourself, the Lunchbox course plugin for WordPress is an excellent way to jumpstart your progress and save a ton of time.

If you have any questions or comments about Lunchbox or would like to schedule a demo, feel free to leave your thoughts below!

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